4WD hire, rent, rental Australia and New Zealand
4WD hire, rent, rental Australia and New Zealand
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The biggest range of 4WD Rental Vehicles in Australia!
Ensuring you get the BEST CHOICE 4WD at the BEST PRICE.

Call it a 4x4, a 4WD, a CRV, an off-roader,
or a 4WD Sedan or Wagon, we can help you.

NEW - rent a 4WD plus CARAVAN

Short/Long Holiday or Long Term Business Rentals

Just contact us for a FREE price comparison on Australian Sleepervan hire, Australian Campervan hire, Australian Motorhome hire and Australian Bushcamper hire. Choose the rental vehicle that best suits your needs.
It's that EASY ...

Campervan Hire From $1 A Day. Enter Your Details To Compare

Don't BUY - Rent it instead!
If you are planning - or even thinking about - that Big Trip around Australia, or even just a week or two touring the great outdoors, renting a 4WD is a great alternative to using the family car. Some people even BUY a 4WD just to make the trip, when renting is so much more convenient - not to mention cheaper by far.

If you need a 4wd for a work project and need to rent for a longer term, please give us a call. We have good relationships with all major suppliers (including Hertz, Avis, etc) and because of our high volume, can usually get you a better rate.

Spend time ON your holiday - rather than driving to it!
We can let you pick-up your 4WD rental just about anywhere in Australia - Broome, Darwin, Cairns, Townsville, Alice Springs, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart. We can even arrange one-way rentals on most vehicles, so you can go by car/train/plane to one place, pick up the 4WD, drive it to another location and then fly/train/drive back home. How convenient is that!

4WD on Fraser Island?
Sure! We can supply 4WD recreational vehicles - just contact us for details. Click here to learn a bit about Fraser Island

4WD Across the Tasman?
Sure! We can do that too! 4WD recreational vehicles (RVs) in both Australia and New Zealand. 4x4, motorhomes, campers - we can offer you a choice.

Because 4WDs are so specialised,
please contact us for all 4WD Rental Enquiries.

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Getabout OZ has access to the biggest range of 4WD vehicles in Australia and we can help you select the right vehicle for that special get away holiday. Being an independent broker, we can find the right vehicle for your requirements - at the right price.

Getabout OZ is a fully Australian owned and operated business totally committed to ensuring you get the best deal available. From Mataranka Springs to Melbourne, Dandenong to Darwin - we can source great discounts for you for 4WD cars and 4WD campervans from leading hire firms at airports and cities around Australia and New Zealand. The staff at Getabout OZ have driven 4WD vehicles on Australia's roads and are trained to recommend the most suitable self-drive vehicle for your requirements and budget.

Be it a camping trip in the outback, a drive to a secluded beach, or a holiday on the roof of Australia in the snowfields, 'getting about' to some of Australia's best places can sometimes require a 4 wheel drive vehicle - that's where we can help!

Because of our Australia-wide network, it is very convenient to select a 4WD for all or just part of your adventure. You can get accommodation in motels, or use the camping areas all over this great country - the choice is yours.

Many of our National and State parks offer low cost wilderness camping facilities, too.

Driving a 4 x 4 does not mean you will not get bogged, or that you can climb any hill or rock outcrop.

It does mean that you will be able to drive further, with possibly more safety than a conventional vehicle on some roads.

However, braking distances on unsealed roads are longer and, if you are driving 4 x 4, the vehicle is more unstable than a conventional car, particularly at high speeds.

Let us help you in your planning - to get the right vehicle for your needs.

By the way, have you thought about combining your 4WD requirements with renting a car or station wagon. You can drive a car from a capital city, then pick up your 4WD in one of our many depots to do your touring in comfort and style.

Alternatively, consider a fly/drive or train/drive option. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Australia is a very large place, so ask us for advice.

Phone us Toll Free on 1800 656 899 (calls from Australian only)
0800 656 899 (calls from New Zealand only)
Calls from outside Australia: +61 2 9528 8015

Or visit our main website at:

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Why not consider ...

Travelling Australia on a budget, 2 Berth & 3 Berth Sleepervans (if you are really good friends) are the most economical way to go. Sleepervans have a flat roof and basic cooking facilities, some vehicles are fitted with roof racks for Surfboards, Bikes and stuff. Some vehicle has a 12v fridge, others only have an ice box.
Sleepervan - compact, economical and heaps of fun
low cost campervan equipment in the back
fold-out bed in camper


The Jucy Choppa - Seats and sleeps 4, with roof top tent, price range is generally higher than the standard Sleepervan, East Coast Australia pick up only.
Jucy - for juicy campers

The Spacehip - Seats 4, sleeps 2, plus 2 in a tent. Great value, East Coast pick up only
mini-van camper the Spaceship camper

2/3 Berth Campervans
The 2 and 3 Berth Campervan is a step up from the Sleepervan if you want to travel Australia in reasonable comfort, with fridge, internal kitchen, high top campervan or pop top campervan sleeps 2-3 persons. The Pop-Top is more economical as it has less wind resistance, although not too many of these models still available in OZ.

Economy Backpacker
Nomad Hi-Top Campervan, Cheapa Hi-Top Campervan available Australia Wide, one way rentals available, minimum rental periods apply.

Great Value Inclusive Rates, Camperman Jesse, Camperman Jade, Camperman Juliette, available East Coast pick up only, 10 days minimum rental period.
Budget economy backpacker campervan. Camping on the move.

4/5 Seater Hi-Top Campervan
Great Value Family Campervans for 2 adults, 2 children or 4 adults with tent included. Fitted with anchor points to secure child seats behind the driver, passenger seats. Internal kitchen, Air Conditioning in the front cabin whilst driving only. Some fitted with an awning at the side.
4 seat campervan. sleeps 2 inside and 2 in tent. Great for family or 4 friendly adults          campervan with kitchen equipment

Economy 4 Berth Micro Motorhome
For those who want Shower/Toilet facilities, great for 2 persons travelling. Usually have Front/Rear Air Conditioning, not a walk thru vehicle.
Great value for 4 persons who want Shower/Toilet facilities on a budget.
Good touring on a budget but with shower/toilet - 4 berth motorhome

2 Berth Shower/Toilet Campervan
Very popular vehicle in Australia, with Front/Rear Air Conditioning, Shower/Toilet facilities, some with TV/DVD, Microwave, double bed drops down and converts to a double bed. Easy to drive, good fuel consumption.
2 Berth Shower and Toilet Campervan

4 Berth Motorhome
For those who like comfort and space and 2 double beds, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, usually with shower/toilet, TV/DVD, Microwave. Luxury for 2 persons travelling, great for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. Wide variety of models throughout Australia and Tasmania.
4 berth motorhome. Usually with shower and toilet - ask for details.

6 Berth Motorhome
For 2 travellers who really like to treat themselves, 3 double beds, Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning, usually with TV/DVD, Microwave. Sleeps 2-6 persons in comfort. Wide Variety of models available throughout Australia and Tasmania.
6 berth motorhome. Usually with shower and toilet - ask for details.

2 berth 4wd Bushcamper
The Pop-Top Campa for 2 adventurers is great for an Australian offroad experience. Some models fitted with a side awning, outdoor gas cooker, solar shower, some have reverse cycle air conditioning . Easy pop up roof and great fuel economy. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit.
2 berth 4wd 4x4 pop-top bush camper

4wd 2/3 Berth Hi-Top Bushcamper
The Bushcamper has a turbo diesel engine, plenty of power for those tricky bits, great for 2 adults, tight for 3 adults travelling in the front as the gear stick is right between the legs of the passenger in the middle. Sleeps 3 persons. Australian Legislation does not permit Children under the age of 8 yrs to travel in the front of this vehicle. Available Australia Wide. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit.
4wd hi-top bush camper. 4x4 campervan

Roof Top Bush Camper
Great for a family of 4 or 4 adults travelling, those who prefer the idea of the outback experience, providing they can sleep up off the ground under the great Australian sky. Very popular with overseas travellers looking for 4x4 safety and convenience, these vehicles book out months in advance, advance bookings a necessity. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit.
4wd roof-top camper. Tents on roof for safety and privacy.          4wd camper rental for outback australian touring - Toyota Landcruiser Wagon or Nissan Patrol

4wd Vehicle with Camping Equipment.
Another great way to experience the Great Australian Outback, for 2-5 persons travelling. The 4wd, usually a Toyota Landcruiser Wagon or Nissan Patrol is equipped with Ground Tents, Stretchers, Ground Mats and Bedding. Comfortable for children travelling. Vehicles include an Outback Safety Kit. Demand is high on these vehicles during the Dry Season beginning July 1st, in Outback Australia.
4wd camper rental for outback australian touring - Toyota Landcruiser Wagon or Nissan Patrol

4wd Vehicle with Caravan!
What a great idea. Take the caravan to your base then un-hitch and get off the main roads with the 4WD to explore all those places only a full-sized 4wd can take you in safety. You get the 4WD plus Expanda Caravan; suitable for 6 Passengers, 3 x Double Beds, Toilet | Shower, TV | DVD Player | Stereo, Solar Panels | BBQ | Awning, Toyota Landcruiser or Similar, Manual Transmission. Vehicle Age - Under 1 Year. (Not all locations - presently only Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane - so please check online first - or give us a call!)
caravan rental, 4wd and caravan, expanda, expander, expanding caravan for hire


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The Best 4WD Tours In Australia

Touring Australia in a 4WD vehicle is a great way of accessing some of the best locations that the country has to offer. Combining accommodation and method of transport gives a touring traveller a lot more freedom in their journey, with 4WD hire allowing stops and starts to suit. After all, who wants to be stuck in one place in a country as varied and interesting as Australia?

Once they are properly equipped, there are plenty of good routes to plan for the touring adventure. Australia's Northern Territory is a very remote part of the country, but some trails that cross the area traverse National Parks and the natural beauty of the Outback up north needs to be seen to be believed. If a traveller likes it warm, then 4WD hire in northern Queensland is also a good choice to make. The tropical landscape in the north of Australia offers up plenty of chance to see the wilder side of life. Not that the southern regions of the country do not also have plenty to offer.Tasmania is one of Australia's gems and there are plenty of touring routes where travellers can use the roads trained on by Tour de France winning cyclist Cadel Evans when he was a youngster. Melbourne functions as a great base for anyone thinking about hiring a camper, with several circular routes through the state of Victoria finishing and ending in this great city.

Planning ahead is crucial to 4WD hire success. Everyone should research and plan a route before heading out on the road, for safety's sake, but there is no other motor vehicle which grants the kind of freedom a camper van does. Whether looking to tour the Outback of New South Wales or the cane fields of Queensland, a 4WD camper is the perfect choice of vehicle.

If you are looking to buy a used 4WD have a look http://www.privatefleet.com.au/

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Getabout OZ is your one-stop-shop for rental of campervans, mobile homes, motorhomes, 4wd (4x4), campers, cars, station wagons, people movers, RVs, etc. We have the biggest range of vehicles to hire in Australia and New Zealand because we supply from the major vehicle rental organisations. As an independent broker, we can use our size and expertise to source you the best vehicle to suit your needs - at the right price. We also have access to specials that are available from our various suppliers from time to time - saving you costs.